The online world has sparked a knowledge revolution. The value of knowing has increased dramatically over the last 3 decades. ‘Knowing’ has become accessible to almost anybody. University level education is free. Data has been democratised. The definition of a “specialist” has become fluid.

Corporations are no different than people. ‘Knowing’ has become the key component to set yourself aside from the herd and to becoming successful.

The wealth of data has made human kind experts at looking into the future. Strategy has become more informed and the quality of life has increased because of it.


We are at a point in time where the world will change dramatically once more. 5G. The cloud. Automation. These are major shifts in society that we are just at the cusp of. Preparing your business for what is about to happen to us all is what will make the difference between thriving and suffering.

Lot 27 is specialized in looking into the future, we deliver you the future and uncover untapped values. Data, Strategy, Ideas. These 3 points are at the core of what Lot27 is.

We know how to price our assets and work, because we know what values you or your corporation need to deliver on in the future.